Who is Tyler Klima?

Tyler Klima is an experienced jewelry professional with more than 20 years in the industry. Tyler has owned and operated Tyler Gold and Diamonds of Manchester Iowa since 1996. Prior to owning his own jewelry store Tyler worked for several bench jewelers while earning multiple certifications from the national trade organization, Jewelers of America. In 2002 Tyler became the second jeweler in Iowa and ninety eighth in the nation to be a Certified Master Bench Jeweler (CMBJ). He is one in handful of distinguished jewelers who have earned all three JA certifications including, CMBJ, CSMP and CSSP.

Tyler has many other industry accomplishments including 2nd place honors in the Iowa Jewelers Association Design Contest and 1st place honors in the Minnesota Jewelers Association Design Contest. Tyler as been recognized in multiple trade publications and his designs featured on the cover of Minnesota Jewelers Association Show Guide. He is now a member and the Board Director of Iowa Jewelers Association in addition to being a member of the national affiliate, Jewelers of America (JA).

Tyler has participated in many community programs and activities. He received a Civil Service award and sponsored local school events by donating items through the JA Tiara Program. Tyler gave back to the community by participating in the City of Manchester Downtown Revitalization Program. Through this process Tyler renovated his building to preserve the integrity of his store front.

Jewelers of America Certified Master Bench Jeweler (CMBJ)
CMBJ program sets uniform standards for gauging the skills of a Bench Jeweler based on a written test and a practical bench test. The JAs certification program for bench jewelers contains four levels of certification; of which Tyler has earned the highest certification.
Jewelers of America Certified Senior Management Professional (CSMP)
SMP program evaluates store owner and managers based on their skills, experience and industry knowledge. The JAs certification program for management has two levels of certification, of which Tyler holds highest honors. Re-certification is required every five years.
Jewelers of America Certified Senior Sale Professional (CSSP)
CSSP program measures proficiency of jewelry sales professionals skills based on experience. The JAs certification program for sales has two levels of certification, of which Tyler obtained the top accreditation. Re-certification is required every five years.
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